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An effective communicator, strategic coach, and business owner best known for making complicated ideas and strategies simple and accessible to all people.

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Owner/CEO of Amy Kemp, Inc.

Amy Kemp is the owner & CEO of Amy Kemp, Inc.  In her work within this growing company, Amy helps leaders and business professionals understand how deeply thought habits impact every part of our work and lives. 

As a certified Habit Finder coach, Amy has led over 100 female business leaders through a four-month leadership development engagement called Encounter that is designed to replace unhealthy thought habits with more healthy ones.  She has also worked through the Habit Finder curriculum with hundreds of leaders in one-on-one settings and with leadership teams at small and large companies. You can watch a video overview of the services I provide here.

In addition, Amy leads a national sales organization of about 900 independent sales consultants and directors across the United States.  She has led her team of consultants to be the #1 unit of sales consultants in the state of Illinois every year since 2012 and for the last 2 years, they also finished as the #1 unit in the entire United States (out of over 9000 teams). 

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While her business and professional accomplishments are many, Amy counts all of it a loss if she doesn’t invest her best time and energy in leading and loving those closest to her in #kempnation.  She has been married to Ryan for twenty years and they have three children - Avery, Anthony, and Andrew.

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Amy is happy to come speak to your audience on a number of different topics rooted deeply in replacing unhealthy thought habits with more healthy ones.


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I love words, and I think words change the world.  Right behind my computer monitor, I have a bulletin board filled with the quotes that are most deeply speaking to my soul right now.  Here are a few:

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