Do you need a breakthrough?

I have a few questions for you, friend.

Do you find yourself constantly seeking more training or education in an effort to grow your business, income, or skills to the next level?

Does it feel like if you just learned one more thing THEN you would experience the breakthrough you’ve been dreaming of?

Do you desperately want those who have gone before and succeeded to teach you HOW they did it, believing there is something you are missing?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, I have a story to tell you.

Someone recently asked me how I built a successful business in sales over the last twenty years. I could tell from her energy when she asked that she believed that at last, someone was going to hand her the magic wand that she had been missing.

I also could tell she was frustrated when my answer was a series of questions back to her about what she was actually seeking with her questions. You see, the answer isn’t learning a secret skill only few people have mastered or gaining more knowledge.

Now, I love to learn and I’m a committed student who has invested tons of time and money in reading and training, so hear me out carefully. I’m not against solid skills-based training. I just wonder if we are forgetting to utilize our most powerful resource at the same time.

What might happen if you pressed pause on your incessant search to figure out HOW and focused more on cultivating and opening your connection to divine guidance?

What if instead of looking outside of yourself for answers you slowed down and spent more time doing things that connect you to the source of energy that created all things (however you define that)?

I’m astonished at the amount of time and energy people spend externally searching for answers when they are most often found in the quietness of internal work.

Can you press pause on trying to figure it all out in your swirling head and open yourself to receive divine inspiration and guidance?

What if your #1 job was to stay connected to the Source and what if everything you desire flowed from there?

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