Money Moves

One of the quotes that I read EVERY morning in my quiet time is from Jen Sincero’s book You Are a Bad Ass at Making Money.  

She writes, “Money is a renewable resource. It comes and goes, it ebbs and flows, it’s meant to move. When we’re cheap about spending it or weird about receiving it, we block its natural course, we put ourselves in a place of lack instead of abundance and our energy becomes ‘richus interruptus’.”

This quote reminds me every day that money is just a “thing” that responds to energy. Sometimes money flows toward me. Sometimes it moves away from me. Most importantly, though, it’s when my RESPONSE to this movement becomes fearful or based in scarcity thinking, that money stops moving.  

If I am constantly clinging to money, afraid to give it or spend it and let it go out into the world, or if I feel unworthy of receiving it, especially in amounts larger than feels comfortable, I will almost instantly interrupt the flow of money in and out of my life. If I let fear-filled messages about the economy, inflation, the stock market or really anything financial grip my emotions, the movement of money toward me will slow significantly or even stop.    

However, if I am open to receive money, and I’m joyful in giving it away and spending it, I am quite literally saying to the world, “I believe there is more than enough, so I don’t need to hoard this or be afraid of letting it go.”  If I hold I with an open hand, more can move out into the world and more will flow toward me. 

It may seem a little hokey, but it’s true. Money responds to our energy and our beliefs.  

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