Time To Grow

In some seasons we grow roots and in others, we grow flowers.

Some of my clients are in a season of growing roots right now. It’s a dark season, one where they are digging deeply down inside themselves to discover and replace unhealthy thought habits that hold them back. Sometimes this involves creating new boundaries, ending unhealthy relationships with people, changing jobs or closing businesses, even engaging in the brave healing work of therapy. The process of growing roots is arduous, vulnerable and progress is hard to measure. It can be an exhausting and frightening season.

Conversely, some of my clients are in a season of growing flowers right now, one where they are seeing wonderful tangible results that the world celebrates. Their income is increasing, the number of clients they serve is growing, maybe they have started a new business that is exceeding their wildest expectations. Maybe there are new, meaningful friendships, or they are enjoying a blossoming romantic relationship. These seasons of growing flowers are typically more fun. There’s lots of recognition, celebration, and positive change is obvious and tangible. Visible progress feels good.

I want to remind today that no matter what season you are in right now, whether you are growing roots or flowers, celebrate the journey. You are growing.

I know it’s easier to celebrate the colorful flowers, but while you can’t see or measure roots as easily, they are a requirement for growing to greater heights and the source of those more beautiful, visible flowers. Without the deeper roots, you can only get so far. You’ve got to be able to support the growth you are creating or it will be fleeting.

Trust the process. Recognize that unseen growth is still growth and remember that personal growth almost always precedes professional growth. The brave work you are doing matters.

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